We love all kinds of weddings, whether they’re big destination weddings or small intimate city weddings! Here are a couple of recent wedding stories we’ve enjoyed making. We look forward to being a part of your big day!

Wedding Photography

Hellowrite my essay and welcome to our ShreePhotoGenic! We are an Indian Wedding Photography studio and love creating fun and off-beat images from the world around us. We love writing about weddings we’ve shot, tips and tricks for brides as well as photographers and fun insider-secrets about the wonderful world of wedding photography.

You can find some of our works in the below Wedding Showcase!

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Natural Photography

Nature photography is all about getting out there and being a part of our natural world. When in nature working on our photography, it is helpful to entirely immerse ourselves in what we are doing. To do that, we need to practice the techniques needed to consistently produce quality images and research the locations that will appeal to each of us the most. We at ShreePhotoGenic hope to help you along that route with both the print magazine and this web site. We strive to showcase the Earth in the most beautiful light and to encourage everyone to be kind to the Earth and all life, including themselves. Our journeys will include:

  • How to photograph—from close-ups to wildlife to grand landscapes and seascapes.
  • How to use specialized equipment.
  • Detailed natural history information.
  • Field techniques.
  • New product information and equipment reviews.

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Family Photography

The happy moments that we live in this life even with our families are few and they are quickly forgotten, so what should we do? We have to resort to capturing photographs in order to immortalize those happy moments and enjoy them whenever we want. We may celebrate a specific occasion or travel to any place for refreshing our bodies and relaxing our minds with our children, so why do not we use a camera to photograph those occasions and special moments. Travelling and celebrating different occasions with the family are considered to be good chances for us to record the happy moments that we live. You can capture the photographs that you like on your own and if you cannot do this yourself, then you can choose one of the professional family photographers to do this for you. There are several creative family photographers who have the ability to capture amazing photographs that record the happy moments which you live with your family but in a professional way. You can make use of the creative work that is presented by those professional photographers to start capturing your own photographs yourself. Here are some of the works that we have done for the family photography.


Special Event Photography

For Special Events, Conferences, Conventions, Corporate Promotion, Sports Tournaments, Holiday Photos, Green Screen, Product & Name Branding, etc.

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